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Since this story is a crossover based in mangas, it's important to point which are the main and from where I'm taking some darker concepts. As the doujinshi story goes I'll be adding more for explaining any mention (not sure yet if I'm going to upload cameos here). Some other explanations will be in the comments of every page that could need them.

Shaman King
Author: Hiroyuki Takei
Year: 1999

Shamans are people connected with the spirits and the other life.
Before meeting Yoh Asakura in a graveyard, Manta Oyamada would never believe the existence of spirits or ghosts. After becoming friends, Yoh confesses him that he has come from Izumo as a transfer student because a shaman gathering in Tokyo is near. It consists in a fight that takes place every five hundred years, where it will be decided who will be the next shaman king. And Yoh, as a shaman, wants to participate.

Relation with this comic: The doujinshi takes place three years after the end of the tournament, following the last chapters in Shaman King Kang Zen Bang. Manta Oyamada is owner of the company of electronics with the same family name. Miki Nueno (Mayuko Tsubaki) was a participant in the shaman fight.

Death Note
Author: Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata
Year: 2004

Bored with the monotony of his World, the shinigami Ryuk decides to throw his death note to the human world. Bored in the same way, the top student Light Yagami finds that black notebook.
The rules it list are simple: "The human whose name is written in this death note shall die" says the first one. After witnessing the macabre results of testing it, Light decides to use the notebook for killing all the criminals in order to purify the world; and becoming a god in the way.
However, the world famous detective L does not agree with Light's ideals, and starts following his trace. A match between two brilliant minds has started.

Relation with this comic: It sets the base of the story. The doujinshi starts after Misa Amane and Light's first meeting.

Author: Kubo Tite
Year: 2002

Since very young Ichigo Kurosaki can see any kind of spirit; it's not surprise that he discovered (and actually kicked) a shinigami girl or soul reaper that appeared in his room. Rukia Kuchiki was chasing a hollow monster when met him.
In a battle where Rukia was about to die after protecting the boy and with Ichigo's sister in danger, he decides to fight the hollow for saving his family.
Rukia wanted to share her powers; nevertheless she lost all of them while transferring to Ichigo. Now he will have to work as a shinigami substitute for protecting his city from bad spirits.

Relation with this comic: Subaru Ozaki belongs to this concept, his relation with the story will come out later.

Zombie Loan
Author: Peach-Pit
Year: 2003

Michiru Kita born with special eyes, she can see a circlet around the neck that goes darker the nearest the owner's death is. But she wears glasses for avoiding it.
Tormented with the death of her parents and unable to take a decision by herself, one night she decides to follow Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana. Classmates whose circlet is completely black yet they are still alive, to the school grounds and it is revealed that both are zombies. In a fight of the boys against another zombie, Michiru gets badly hurt; and they take her to the Z-loan agency for saving her live.
Now she has to help the Shika and Shito in their fight against evil zombies for paying the debt she contracted with the mysterious Bekko, in exchange of being alive.

Relation with this comic: Ariasu Fumihiko possesses the same eyes Michiru has. The diference is that the circlet can disappear with the change of circumstances. The ones who worked for Tyche belong to this story.

Fruits Basket
Author: Natsuki Takaya
Year: 1999

After her mother's death Tohru Honda finds herself alone in the world, living in a tent. What she did not know is that the ground she was using belongs to Sohma family.
A twist of fate makes her live under the same roof that the school prince Yuki Sohma and his cousin Shigure.
Soon she discovers that thirteen members of his family are cursed by the chinese zodiac, and they turn into animals when hugged by the opposite gender.

Relation with this comic: Kisa Sohma was "the tiger", now she's eighteen and has just started college.

Author: CLAMP
Year: 2003

Kimihiro Watanuki has been followed by spirits his whole life. Annoyed with his destiny, one day, he enters by accident into a mysterious shop. The owner, a self proclaimed witch called Yuuko Ichihara, promises Watanuki to make the spirits stop following him. As a payment, Watanuki will have a half time job in Yuuko's shop.
As time passes Watanuki starts learning more about spirits, realizing not all of them are bad; while he knows a little more about his new boss and her shop, where whishes can be fulfilled with the payment of the equivalent price.

Relation with this comic: Yuuko is the woman who knows where Tyche is. It seems she's bounded to a plan the Shaman King has made.